Friday, May 27, 2011

Saturday morning, the sun light trought the window, having brunch (cause I don't do breakfast). chocolate milk is my best friend and it never dissapointing me to make a good mood. My brunch are a bowl of rice with soup, tahu(like tofu but made from soya beans) and nugget, a sandwich, I fill it with nugget (again), tahu, cheese, letuce, chilli sauce, mayo and some arnott's BBQ shapes.

Since sui come to my home, my cream tubby cat named babo get jealous. and molly my black cat always keep her self silent.

a photo of a japanese girt statue taken by my sister for her homework, I think I like it and I want to show it here :)

Tomorrow is sunday, hope this headache go away A.S.A.P, cause it's already making me crazy.
Have a nice weekend
Schoenes Wochenende

See u

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