Sunday, May 22, 2011

I was wondered if I could meet McQuin, that would be awesome. but I didn't
I was wished to go to my favourite German restaurant called Frankfurter Stube, but it has closed
bad day can come to everyone, but depend to the person how to solve it.
no McQuin, no Frankfurter Stube, but Element cafe is calling, me and my sister decided to went there and order. My sister ordered teriyaki salmon and milkshake. I ordered potato salad (I'm a vegetarian) and a bluberry float (I'm not sure wether it's the right name)

and 18th May is the last day of my German course, I was pretty upset.
I was on the road at my motorbike way to my home and I saw a pet kiosk at the left side of the road and I saw a red nose kitten, slept in the middle of horrible air condition politioned by a lot of vehicle. I just left by, cause I didn't bring enough money that time. I arrived at home and told my mom about that kitty. Whoalaa, we were go go to that place, gonna buy buy that kitty.
On the road I was wished that the kitten is a female, couse I already have a male one. And ohhh,, it's a female kitten. Yay!!! and surprisely the kitten have blue eyes, she's so cute...
We went home then and looking for a good name for her, me and my sister got a Japanese dictionary and started search a name for her, we've got some name :
1 Fuyu means Winter
2 Rui means Bright
3 Tsuki means Moon
But we didn't take all of those name :(
After all, sudennly my mom call her Sui and I think it's a good name, sounds like Anna Sui.
So, yes! we call her Sui :)

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